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Offering Cryogenic Equipment, Vacuum-Insulated Pipe Systems, & Industrial Gas Solutions for High-Tech, Biomedical, & Other Industries

Macomber Cryogenics, Inc.
Macomber Cryogenics, Inc.

Cryogenic & Industrial Gas Equipment Experts

Full Service Cryogenic and Industrial Gas Equipment Specialists

We are Cryogenic Application Specialists providing a variety of Industries with cryogenic equipment, vacuum-insulated pipe distribution systems, and cryogenic supplies for the high-tech, biomedical, cryobio, and industrial gas industries.

These include Vacuum Insulated Pipes, cryogenic storage tanks, cryobio freezers and cell banks, liquid nitrogen cylinders, cryogenic relief valves, as well as many associated products.

We are an Engineered Systems Provider for Chart Industries.

We also have a long history of serving the Industrial Gas Equipment Industry for such items as high-pressure piping, regulators, compressed gas equipment, gas panels, manifold systems, fittings, and fill controllers.

Incorporated back in 1978 - we've been in business for over 45 years, providing custom-tailored systems, sales, and service in the New England area.

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Macomber Cryogenics, Inc.

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